Who Is a Leader – 5 Essential Traits of Leadership Development

Introduction – Who is a Leader?

Are you in a position of handling a team or a group of people? Do you believe that your team does things awesome with you? Well, you are a leader. One of the proofs of your leadership quality belongs to the way your team’s response to you. There are a bunch of qualities a leader must possess. Among these, some of the most significant traits stated here are must be demonstrated by every leader.

What is leadership? – A truce instance of a good leadership

A few years ago, a school had been inspected by respective authorities and declared as outperforming and propelled to close down in a year.  An old age founder’s desperate love about the school doesn’t willing to close but foster better. While making development strategies, he happened to hear about a competent teacher in the neighbor city. He had been invited to take charge as the school principal. The teacher accepted the offer with a condition that he should be given 100% rights to amend any internal administrative changes and had been accepted by the founder.

He took charge and did nothing but was observing things for one month. One particular morning, while school resuming time sharp at 9 am, he locked down the school premises inside the entry gate which made none of the latecomers to enter into school. It was a big shock that most of the latecomers standing out were the teachers of that school. 
Those teachers had hostility and heated argument with the new principal. But the principal strictly informed that either students or the teachers unruliness wouldn’t be tolerated. The response, those teachers arguably informed as they would make no presence to take classes to students. But the principal never backed from decision rather he pushed himself to take classes during the teachers absence. He never let the classes stop for students.

Gradually, everything settled in a proper way. Even the concerned teachers were also fascinated by his administrative capacity and happening to favor him.
The outcome of his leadership had shown remarkable performance over student’s examination results in the following year.

5 Essential Traits of how to progress Leadership Development

  1. Assertiveness

    A leader should be assertive when there is a situation to ask for requirements. (The new principal never hesitant to ask founder on decision-making rights when he was offered a new role)

  2. Observation and Comprehension

    A leader should keen to observe and understand the business, people, environment and ongoing operations of the establishment. Only then, a leader could move forward the further appropriate proceedings. (For one month he observed and understood the functioning of the school and then embarked into action)
    who is a leader

  3. Analysis and Contingency

    Before attempting any decision a leader must analyze the entire factors of consequences and have a back-up plan when the issue arises. (Before deciding on teacher’s discipline, he was well analyzed and prepared to take classes by himself if the teachers denied)

  4. Decision Making

    A Leader should be more cautious while taking any decision. A decision would give either fruitful or awful results. (He made bold decision on teachers discipline and succeeded too)

  5. Subject Knowledge

    A leader must have sound knowledge over the subject deals with. More on subject knowledge gives a higher level of confidence. (His knowledge and experience leveraged to take classes to students during teacher’s absence)


The answer for the question “who is leader” will be defined by the qualities of a leader and the qualities are an art. For some, it comes naturally, for many it will be learned. The true sense of leaders emerges from the passion over ones profession, people and persona.

Analyze yourself with the aforementioned traits and develop if you haven’t one. To be a leader, first, sense the leader within.

Quotes of who is a leader

A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves. – Lao Tzu

Leadership is a way of thinking, a way of acting and, most importantly, a way of communicating. – Simon Sinek

The greatest gift of leadership is a boss who wants you to be successful. – Jon Taffer

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