What is Commitment and how to build it for success

What is Commitment and how to build it for success

What is Commitment – An instance in southern India. A famous magazine cartoonist lost his right hand by an accident. About six months his paintings couldn’t appear in the magazine and the magazine office was getting a continuous email from readers that they miss a lot to those cartoons.

For everyone’s surprise, the cartoons begin to add in the magazine again. But the readers couldn’t believe that these are not from the original cartoonist. Later, when interviewed, the cartoonist revealed that he lost his right hand but practiced to paint in the left hand and succeed.

How could this be possible with an artist who can continue his passion without the right hand? Because he committed to practicing day and night and that gifted his skill back to his other hand.

The road to success is through commitment. No matter, what the goal, how big it is or how far it is. If you are committed to achieving your goal, you must be the first person to begin the process and the last person end it by each day.

Convenience vs Commitment

If you are looking for convenience, obviously you will find reasons, excuses, and stories to support your convenience and that’s become your interest. But when you are committed to achieving the specific goal you will see that convenience as a disgrace to yourself. It is a battle between your convenience and commitment. You have to take a call on which one will benefit you in the long run and make you successful.

You simply cannot fetch success unless committing yourself to the process towards your goal. Just sneaking behind your goal doesn’t make any value rather you must feel that YOU and YOUR DREAM are attached as one as your thought, inhale and exhale of the same one dream. This is the commitment required to succeed.

Have you ever observed the wild-fire? The fire catches every leaf that comes across its way. Your commitment should be the way like wild-fire. Every ounce of your day should be an outcome of your dream.

Contribution vs Commitment

A conversation between father and son. Son asked his father that he couldn’t understand the difference between contribution vs commitment that the teacher explained in his school.

Father: when did this had been explained in school?

Son: a few days ago

Father asked: That’s good but what have you done so far to solve your doubts for the past few days?

Son replied: None. I just asked you

Father: You were waiting for a chance to solve your doubt and after a few days, the chance come by default. You contributed to keeping the doubt in your mind and solved it when the chance arrived.

On the contrary, if you committed to solving the doubt, you would have referred some books or googled until it is clarified. I hope you got the point.

No mercy

Do not have mercy to those distractions which makes you compromise your commitment to your goal. Think about what you need to be and reload your commitments to distract those distractions. Never give up until you feel your excellence.

knowing how to build commitment is an equivalent to that of you have started the mission already. Hence, here’s the collection of 3 best article links that give the simple but finest tips on to support of your mission.

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