How to stay Focused – Eliminate distraction to elevate Focus

How to stay Focused – Eliminate distraction to elevate Focus

How to stay focused – There’s a scene in the documentary, the world’s top two richest men’s Bill Gates and Warren Buffet were sitting at a table and are asked to write down a single word that made them successful. It was later revealed that both these iconic entrepreneurs wrote the same word… FOCUS. This occurrence evidence that the great leadership requires vast level of focus.

I am pretty sure that if the same question is asked to any other successful leaders, most would reply the same.

A few years ago, two of my friends shared their interest upon body-building and both joined a world-class gym and workout regularly. Two years passed, I observed as one of my friends had huge different as professional body-builder whereas the other one doesn’t look much difference from earlier he was. When inquired, both revealed a similar routine on food, sleep and workout time at the gym. I wondered, how come the same formula works for one but not the other. I went more into detail and understood as both spend 2 hours daily at the gym but the difference between two is one person works out the whole 2 hours hitting gym whereas another spends two hours but hardly works out and distracted by mobile, chatting, music, etc. at gym.…

“Hey! focus on your work”. This phrase, you might have been hearing since your life that someone is saying to you or even you have been said to your family, kids or friends but have you ever heard saying someone including you as “how to focus”

If you want to be good at one thing, you should keep practicing it. Here the question arises as to what are we keep practicing at, focus or distractions?

Distractions are the more we practice than focus. So, you can’t focus on something. The solution here is focused on one thing at a time.

Broken focus syndrome

“Too many priorities are is equal to no priorities” such a way…

“Focus on many things is as equal to no focus”.

A survey says, people in developed countries looking at their smartphone average of 112 times in the day. They are suffering in the form of surfing their mobile phones. Even people get addicted to believing it is their survival. One may say, it is the easy way of acquiring knowledge but the truth is they may have an idea about something but can’t execute anything because of their lake of focus.

A small video snippet from social media can take away your focus. You become a victim to flow the money through their business.

It doesn’t mean you fully ignore social media but utilize it as any content that supports your goal statement. 

What is the use, if you have a multi-branch of intelligence but not sure of executing not even one?

“A man chasing two rabbits catches neither”

Focus Formula

Write all your priorities, list out the topmost priorities as ascending order and implement DO ONE PRIORITY TO NEXT 90 DAYS FOR TWO HOURS DAILY IN THE MORNING

Focus is an instrument of your mind which extracts the other distracting factors to reach your specific objective within the stipulated time. If so, firstly, should know how to stay FOCUS yourself on the accomplishment of that specific goal. Fortunately, there are many techniques available that can advance your higher degree of focus

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