How to Set Goals: High-five tips to set your goal precisely

How to Set Goals: High-five tips to set your goal precisely

How to Set Goals – Nothing happens by default but done. The things that are in your possession now, aren’t just came in to your possession but are solely attracted by you.

Success or failure are the very common factors of life. But, how would you measure either you succeed or failed unless having a specified goal?

What is Goal?

Let’s take an example of football game. A team ensures ferocious practice, fitness and design countless strategies just to push the ball into the goal post. You can’t imagine football game without a goal post. The goal post is an inspiration and a motivation to each player.  As such life can’t be driven purposefully without goals.

Why the “goal setting” is so important?

A sculptor spending time, energy, knowledge and talents to create a beautiful and an everlasting sculpture. The sculpture brought all his efforts into meaningful, the time the sculpture gets into the shape of his thought. For him, he is successful as a sculptor.

The sculpture is the goal and the fulfillment are the success.

Think, what is your sculpture of goal that brings fulfillment to your life

Whatever you are aspiring to become, just think, is that really matters to you? Not just for a while, after 20 years or even you are at your death bed you should feel great about you.

You must be very careful whilst setting goals. The goals must not be set just for the sake of any influences such as money, relationship, media, etc.… Sit back quietly, relax, erase all distracting influences one by one. Ask multiple questions like

  • Am I sure about my goal?
  • Do I believe or confident by myself that I can achieve that goal?
  • Am I made a decision to chase my goal?
  • Am I ready to dedicate myself to achieve my goal?
  • Am I able to visualize my goal?
  • What are could be the outcome?
  • Am I ready to positively look the consequences (failure/success)?

How to set goals

  1. Choosing Goals

    Choosing goal is so important than chasing goal. Goal is not only the factor of motivation or inspiration but it should resurrect you the time and again. The time and when, think of your goal, you should feel excited and rejuvenated. You must choose such a goal.

  2. Passion affiliated

    Sit relax, spend time with you within you. Figure out what you are passionate about. Which profession that make you to forget about everything else including yourself. Once you figured-out your passion set a goal which affiliated to your passion

  3. You! Only by you

    Your goal solely set by you! only by you. No matter, who they are but brave enough to say no to other’s goals. You are open to discuss or consult with any of your well wishers or mentors but the eventually the goal should be derived and designed by you alone.

  4. Think Big

    You know about the setbacks that you may have to confront the process towards your goal. Which directs you to go something easy. It is easy to settle down in mediocrity. Don’t let anything that doubt your capabilities because, deep down you very well know your greater potentiality. Think big!

  5. SMART Goals

    When you set bigger or smaller goals, never forget to consider these below criterias.
    S– Specific M – Measurable A – Achievable R – Relevant T – Time Bound

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