How to make the right decisions – Tips from 5 best articles

How to make the right decisions – Tips from 5 best articles

How to make the right decisions – M.S.Dhoni an Indian cricketer had a crucial time in his life to make the right decision whether to continue his current job in Indian Railways or pursue his dream as a sportsman. A battle between a central government job that provides reputation in society, a life-time job security, decent income and a sport with no firm evidence to grow except his passion. He was puzzled about how to make the right decisions. He took the ultimate risk and decided to pursue his passion as a cricketer.

Now, M.S.Dhoni a legendary sportsman. One of the best cricketers in the world. The second world cup won captain to Indian cricket.

A dream cannot change your life until the firm decision to turn the dream into reality.

In your life cycle, you would be having choices when choosing things like picking the right clothes at the shopping mall, selecting a mobile phone and buying a car. You would often be confronting situations like this or that or something else. Sometimes, you would have thought, you could have taken the other one but doesn’t worried much as these things have an option to replace.

Though, the loss of money, energy and time during the course is already lost. The loss is a loss. But if you were in a bit more cautious enough to make the right decision as to what to choose, you could have prevented those losses.  

Anyhow, At least you learned something not to repeat as these losses don’t impact much in life matters. That’s ok. But what if some important factors of life such as choosing your life-partner, selecting your profession?

A decision will change your life either way as the top of the world or drop you from the cliff.

On the other hand, you can’t stand still by procrastinating or fearing the impact of a decision. Fortunately, there are guidelines on how to make the right decisions.

Once, a group of our friends discussed with our mentor on decision making. He asked us, on many occasions you had to go with one single decision and it is easy to make decisions between
·        small or big decisions
·        right or wrong decisions
What if the decision between right and right (both or right and important) and how one needs to proceed?
As we couldn’t answer, he revealed the secret of decision making.
“Accept the favorable.  Reject the unfavorable”.
So, he shot another question, how do you distinguish between favorable and unfavorable?
The group answered the decision which gives happiness is favorable.
He said, NO and revealed the mantra of decision making
“If a decision that contributes to your GOAL is favorable”.

Your decision is based on your goal or contributes to your goal or the vision behind your goal is the RIGHT DECISION. The decision making should not chase your temporary so-called worldly happiness but get your goal at least a macro level.

A small video snippet from social media can take away your focus. You become a victim to flow the money through their business.

It doesn’t mean you fully ignore social media but utilize it as any content that supports your goal statement. 

What is the use, if you have a multi-branch of intelligence but not sure of executing not even one?

“A man chasing two rabbits catches neither”

Focus Formula

Write all your priorities, list out the topmost priorities as ascending order and implement DO ONE PRIORITY TO NEXT 90 DAYS FOR TWO HOURS DAILY IN THE MORNING

Knowing how to make the right decisions is equivalent to that of you have started the mission already. Hence, here’s the collection of 5 best article links that give the simple but finest tips on the support of your mission.

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