How to Love yourself – 6 simple ways to develop self loving attitude


Do you love yourself? Or who the most lovable person of your life? Be honest and respond to yourself. If the answer is someone else than you, it is a time to reorganize your thought process.  Make an alternative to rank yourself first and, push that someone followed by you.

Why you should love yourself?

An ancient story

Now at the time, a king was pondering the purpose of love in human well being. He spent years to figure out the appropriate answer by consulting scholars and yogis but convinced nowhere. He proceeded to wild alone to find the cause.  The process made him so weak, no food for several days and fell fainted in the mid of a jungle. An old woman helped him by providing food and milk to save his life. While leaving, the women gave a piece of advice saying, “Son, it seems you are searching something for a long time but remember, you find nothing unless you love yourself and care about yourself first.

The milk and food rejuvenated his body and the women’s wishful words refreshed his mind.  The king realized, the thing he was searching was not somewhere external but within.

How to Love yourself – Six simple ways to develop self loving attitude

  1. Do not compare you with others

    Comparing others with you is a crime that you commit to killing your self-esteem. Keep reminding yourself, the finest accomplishment of your life and be proud of your best version. Believe that you are unique the way you already. do not compare

  2. Be thankful to the Universe

    Believe that none of the creatures in this universe exist without purpose. You have been given a time frame called life to accomplish your purpose here and you must do that. Find out your purpose of life and go ahead. thank nature

  3. Maintain superior health

    An old Indian saying signifies, “nurture your health, and grow up your life”. Every task in this life can be accomplished by the way of doing things through your body either physical or emotional. It is imperative to find out the ways to engage yourself in physical activities at least an hour in a day to rejuvenate body and keep it energized by having nutritious diet.
    superior Health

  4. Be kind. No grudge.

    The moment you hold bitterness on others, that poisons your pure nature into pessimism. Sharing love shows the way to seed more love within. be kind

  5. Do what you love

    Value of life is all about how you use your time. If you could do something with extreme passion, with no supervision and even without considering time limitations, that’s your loving line of work. Spend most of your time on that one aspect and not to worry about others.
    Love your job

  6. Quality people around

    “One Best Book is equal to Hundred Friend; One Good Friend is equal to a Library.” Carefully choose the people with whom you wanted to be associated. The quality of the people around you is more important than the quantity. Good Friends

How to Love Yourself – Quotes of Topic

You’ve got to love yourself first. You’ve got to be okay on your own before you can be okay with somebody else.- Jennifer Lopez

Love yourself no matter who you are or where you come from.- Diane GuerreroIf

you do not love yourself, well, you cannot do anything well.- Nawal El Saadawi

I’ve always practiced this: Love yourself. Move your body. Watch your portions.- Richard Simmons

All these aforementioned principles expand your worthiness and transform your low esteem into high self-esteem. Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.

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