How to be more patient – 7 Simple habits to higher patience

How to be more patient ! – Well, first, you should know what patience is all about.

What is Patience?

Imagine, you plant a rose seed in a pot, serve water and care enough the plant. What will happen next? Of course, you have to wait for a few weeks. The waiting time results to enjoy the blooming of beautiful roses eventually.

Likewise, invest your efforts and wait for a certain period with hope to get gain out of it. This qualitative waiting period meant as patience

A short story

John was leaving home to the office. While he noticed Mr.Peter (his neighbor) was standing in front of his car with frustration as the car was broke down. So, John invited Peter to get into his car so that he could drop him on the way. As Peter hurried to the office he thanked and on-boarded with John’s car.

On the way, they had to pass through a traffic signal which usually would consume a couple of minutes. The traffic light alerted to red when John’s car was close by. The already frustrated Peter yelled at the traffic light and went to the peak of temper. Whereas John remains so calm and ease. The traffic light alerted to green and the car started to proceed. Now, John said, “Hey Pete, you were telling something whilst the car was in a traffic signal. I am sorry, I wasn’t observed properly. You know, I made a habit of doing short prayer whenever I caught by the traffic signal. Today, as you are accompanying me, I pray for your good deeds.

Peter astonished of John’s patience and the way he handled the situation.

Why is patience so important?

The technology made us experience instant results. But it doesn’t practically fit-in when things are revolving around real factors of life. All happenings of life consist of a certain process and the process takes its time to do them. Which, results nowhere but lose of hope if breached? But, if honored, the benefits are immense. Some of the benefits are…

  • Self control
  • Focus on details
  • Delayed gratification
  • Good health
  • Deep analysis and decision making

How to be more patience

How to be Patience – 7 simple habits to great patience

  1. Find out the root cause

    You cannot be impatient in all aspects of life. There would be certain points where you may feel discomfort or intolerance or nervous. List the areas when and where you observed to be impatient and trigger on the patient button. Remember, discomforts are the medium for progress!
    how to be more patient

  2. Wisely use the waiting time

    Once at the airport, Mother Teresa’s flight delayed for two hours. When she came to know the condition, she requested a place aside at airport premises to perform prayer and utilized the whole time by praying. You may also come across similar situations. Prepare you, how to use those situations too rather than being annoyed.
    wisely use the waiting time

  3. See the end-result

    One becomes impatient when instant gratifications are habitual. Though, an instant result is fruitful at the moment but, doesn’t add value to long term objectives. Rather, instigate yourself to tolerate the temporary obstacles by visioning the prolific end-result.
    see the end result

  4. Reading Habit

    One common habit of the most successful people on the earth is reading. Reading books compose your thoughts into a particular content and regular practice of reading habits will amplify the level of patience by default. “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest – Benjamin Franklin.
    reading habit

  5. Talk to yourself

    If you wish a practice to become a habit, it must be accepted by your subconscious mind. Practice auto-suggestions or self-affirmations to recognize patience as your innate routine and acknowledged by the subconscious mind.
    how to be more patient

  6. Meditate

    Our physical and mental dealings would be blocked when there is no peace in mind. Patience can’t be motivated while the mind is crumbled. Meditation or prayer is the best way to get through these blocks.

  7. Expect the unexpected

    You should develop a positive attitude as “all is well”. Anything negative comes in your way doesn’t mean that you are lost. Nature remains calm even after the cyclone. Same way, if adversities witnesses you just remain as “This too shall pass”.
    expect the unexpected


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Life transformation will never happen by overnight. The universe have seen the various versions of men; some become world-famous at the age of 15 and others reached in their late 80s. Do your best and wait for your turn.

Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.

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